Coaching Corner 12 – Bowling: basic action – the bound.

Now, let’s go back a step.  The “bound” or jump before delivery is essential if the bowler is to get into the correct back foot contact position. This “hang time” is needed to give time for the body to turn from the chest-on position of the run-up to the sideways on position of the delivery.  So, a decent leap is needed – to about the height of half-way up the stumps.

This jump is off the opposite foot to the bowling arm, i.e. right-handed bowlers take off from the left foot.

The bound as seen from slip; note the left foot (take-off foot) is about half stump-height

Another angle:  note the right foot is about to make contact with the ground and has turned so that it will land parallel with the crease.

Common fault

Running through the action, preventing a full rotation of the body leading to loss of pace and movement.  Even if you are a front-on bowler, the leap is still needed to get the slight lean back and consequent “whip”.

Training Tip:

Put a low hurdle, made from the club’s intervention cones and pole, before the bowling crease and jump over it before bowling – but stay focussed on the target!