Coaching Corner 13 – Bowling: basic action – the delivery stride and front-foot contact.

Now for the delivery stride, when the front foot comes into contact with the ground.

What we are looking for:

Main points:

  • high arms, in line,
  • front arm pushed towards target and then pulled down
  • high front knee,
  • stride sufficient to keep height but not straining, i.e. not too long and straining for the line.
  • stable base
  • both feet in contact with ground at delivery
  • wrist upright at delivery

Note the front leg is braced and both feet are in line

 Just before release: the front knee has started to flex but the bowling arm is still high and the front foot is lined up towards the target.

Again the accent is on stability and height.  Don’t bring the front arm down too soon: it will make you fall away to the off-side, and lead to loss of height in the delivery, with the ball likely to be pushed towards the leg-side.


Remember the adage of the old coach, “Catch a cloud with your front arm and throw it to the batsman.”  In other words keep it high and make sure that it is in line with the target.  Think of the front arm as a rudder which controls the direction of the bowling arm and the ball.


The front leg should be braced on contact, but will then flex to cushion the impact.


Everything should be in line with the target: arms, head and feet.



Common faults

·         Front leg bent too much and too soon.

·         Lifting back foot off ground

·         Low front arm

·         Front foot splayed out to off-side, causing you to fall away

·         Head not straight, but too far over to off-side, again making you fall away and lose height.

Training Tip:

Without releasing the ball, from a standing position, drive into the front foot contact position and hold the front arm at 12 o’clock.  Do this in front of a mirror or ask a prtner to check the above points.