Coaching Corner 21 – Defensive fielding: stopping the ball with two hands

So now let’s have a look at a few basics, starting with the defensive stop, or the “long barrier”.

First of all, it is important that all fielders in the inner and boundary ring walk in as the bowler runs in to bowl.



Note how mid-off is walking in as the bowler releases the ball, ready to move quickly.


When the ball has been hit hard, especially if the ground is uneven, you need to have  a second line of defence – the long barrier.


If you are right-handed (reverse the instructions for left-handed throwers), drop down onto your left knee, and line up your body so that the ball is in line with the inside of your right foot.


Make sure that your head is over the ball, and that the fingers are pointed downwards.  If the ball bobbles and misses the hand, you still have a barrier which will stop the ball.



Then get up quickly to throw the ball in.