Coaching Corner 24 – Attacking fielding: two-handed interception

As already mentioned, fielders in the inner and outer ring should walk in as the ball is bowled. If the ball is hit hard towards you and you still need to attack it, then the two-handed interception is effective as it gives a second line of defence but does not require you to go down on one knee as in the “long barrier” defensive method. You can therefore throw the ball in more quickly.

You should be well-balanced and keep low as you come in, with the weight on the balls of your feet. Make sure that you keep your head still and that your eyes are level.

Once you have assessed the line of the ball, move quickly to meet it so that you can pick it up with two hands in front of your right foot, which acts as the second line of defence should you miss the ball.

Stay low. When the ball is in your hands (and not before!), look up at the target and get into the throwing position. You may have to use the “crow-hop” method to get into a stable base for the throw. (See Coaching Corner 25)

Note how the knees are bent so the player stays low and how the ball is picked up in front of the inside of the right foot so he can move into the sideways-on throwing position.

Common faults:

·         Missing the ball because the hands are too high. Make sure you bend your knees, keep low and stay low.

·         Looking up too soon and taking your eyes off the ball.

·         Missing the ball because the fielder moves too far inside the line of the throw.

·         A poor throw caused by not looking up at the target before throwing and not adhering to the techniques described in Coaching Corner 22