Coaching Corner 28 – A few things to remember

·         Fielding should be enjoyable.  It becomes more enjoyable as you get better at it, and to get better you need to practise.

·         Throwing at the stumps is a crucial skill at all levels. Remember to use your front arm as a guide and practise throwing at a stump regularly.

·         Remember always to back up a throw from the opposite side of the pitch, no matter what position you are fielding in or how far away you are. Try to anticipate the situation early.

·         Stay calm when attempting a run-out.

·         Throw hard and as flat as you can, and remember that it can sometimes be better to throw low with one bounce rather on the full-toss but looping high.

·         You will sometimes need to throw in a relay on a big ground.  If a fielder is returning the ball from near a long boundary, someone needs to run an area about 25yards from the stumps to take the ball on the bounce and then throw it to the wicket-keeper or bowler.

·         Above all, remember that making a really big effort to catch or stop the ball in a game really shows commitment and is great for team spirit. Never be shy of having a go!

I hope you have found the Coaching Corner series helpful. Any feedback or ideas for improvement would be welcome. You can use the feedback section of the site to make any comments.