Coaching Corner 4 - Pull Shot

Having covered the basic front foot shots, we’ll take look now at a shot played off the back foot which will bring you a lot of runs in junior cricket.

This is the pull shot, which is played to a “long hop”, i.e. a very short ball, generally pitched outside the leg stump which bounces normally, in other words not more than chest high.

First of all, from the normal stance and with a high backswing, move the back foot back and across towards the off-stump.  The front leg then moves back and towards the leg-side, so that the batsman is now chest-on to the bowler.


Keeping the head still and forward, swing the back down, from high to low to keep the ball down.  The arms should be fully extended and straight at the point of contact. 

Make sure that the head is steady and the eyes are kept on the point of contact and transfer your weight to the front leg, which should be bent.

Common Faults:

  • Not moving the back foot far enough back and across, not moving the front foot at all.
  • Taking the eye of the ball by looking towards where you want to hit the ball.
  • Keeping the legs stiff rather than flexed.
  • Hitting the ball in the air because the bat hasn’t been swung from high to low.


  • Keep your eyes on the point of contact for a second after you have hit the ball – this will stop you looking towards the leg-side and missing the ball in your excitement at the prospect of four easy runs!
  • Practise the shot by saying “ One, two, hit” as you do it. “One” is the back foot movement, “Two” is the front foot movement