Coaching Corner 5 - Hitting a full toss to leg

Now, another shot which will bring you plenty of runs in junior cricket – hitting the full-toss to leg.

As the name suggests the shot is played to a slow, high full toss.  It is a cross-batted shot played off the front foot which is very productive in junior cricket but not seen as much at senior level because bowlers bowl fewer full-tosses.

From the normal stance and with a high backswing, move your head and shoulders towards the delivery.

The front leg is moved forward, and the knee bent to give a stable base.

The bat, as in the pull shot, comes from high to low, and like the pull shot again, the arms should be straight and at full stretch at the point of contact.  Keep your eyes glued on the point of contact!

The weight is on the front leg as the bats swings through the shot to hit the ball downwards to square leg or mid-wicket.

Common faults

  • Taking the eyes off the point of contact (see pull shot).
  • Hitting the ball up instead of down.
  • Not transferring weight to front foot, causing lack of balance and control.