Coaching Corner 8 - Back-foot Drive

This shot is played mainly to a delivery short of a length which bounces about stump high.  It can also be played to a long hop that keeps low or to a low full-toss.  The ball is hit in the “V”, the arc between mid-on and cover, depending on the exact line of the delivery.

Main points:

  • Follow the basic movements of the back defensive shot.  (Coaching Corner 7).
  • Instead of playing the ball gently, now “punch” the ball with a firm bottom hand grip, but always remembering that the top hand is in control and the front elbow bent.
  • Make sure that you don’t lean back when you make contact, but that the ball is hit under the eyes.
  • Finish with the bat and hands high for a checked follow-through.


Follow through in the direction of the shot.

Take the back foot back!


Common faults:

  • Failing to keep the back foot parallel with the crease.  (See Coaching Corner 7)
  • Not getting the left elbow high enough. (See Coaching Corner 8).
  • Not hitting the ball from a firm base – i.e. taking your front foot off the ground before contact is made.
  • Pulling the head back rather than making contact with the ball under the eyes.  Again, this will lead to the ball being hit up rather than down.
  • Not moving the back foot across enough. (See Coaching Corner 7)
  • Not following through in the direction of the shot.
  • Not getting over the ball – make maximum use of your height and don’t bend the back leg.
  • Playing the shot on a bad pitch where the ball is keeping low.  Don’t play the shot against a swinging or turning delivery unless it is very short and therefore you have plenty of time to judge it.



  • See Coaching Corner 7
  • Although this is a back-foot shot, at the point of impact, the balance and weight should be slightly forward.  This will prevent you leaning back too far and hitting the ball in the air.