Coaching Corner 9 - Square cut

This shot is played is played to a short delivery which pitches wide of the off-stump.  The aim is to hit the ball down square on the off-side, i.e. towards the point region.

Main points:

  • As always, a balanced stance and high backswing are needed.
  • Move the back foot back and across towards the line of the ball.  Keep your eyes on the ball!
  • Turn the front shoulder towards the off-side (this gives the power) and bring the bat down from its high position to hit the ball down with your arms extended so that they are straight, not bent, at the point of contact.  Keep your head still!
  • Make sure that the weight is fully on the back foot to finish with a full follow-through.


High backswing, move the back foot across.

Hit the ball down with the weight over the back foot.

Full follow-through.


Common faults:

  • Not bending the back knee so that it is more difficult to hit the ball down.
  • Playing the shot to a ball which is too close to the stumps.
  • Not moving the back foot far enough across, so that it is difficult to get over the ball.
  • Moving towards the leg side to make room for the stroke.  This will upset the balance and make it much more difficult to control the shot.  You are in danger of getting a bottom edge, not timing the ball or missing it completely.



  • Always make sure that the bat is lifted high to start with so that you hit “high to low”.