Indoor Team Reports

Date 27/01/2013

By Nelly

Subject Risley


I apologise to those who missed the match report for the last game (Goode), but the main thing was that we beat Derby Uni. This win set up a big final game of the season against Risley. A win would seal 2nd place for the boys.

For 1 of the very few times this season, 8 players were selected before the day of the game.

Winning the toss, we fielded, as per. Louba failed to take a wicket in his first over, and Monkey was expensive, going for 14. Spanner got the first breakthrough, sending the stumps flying with his first delivery. Goode Jnr struggled, going for 10.

1st skin = 36

A good start by Risley. Skipper Marshy pulled it back a little, taking 2 wickets in 2 balls, going for -5. Nelly also picked up a wicket, going for 0. Wakey picked 1 up, but was hit for a 4 and a 7. Goode Snr finished it off, going wicketless. A better skin for the boys though

2nd skin = 14, Total = 50

Wickets were needed, and Goode Jnr's 2nd over was tidy, picking up a wicket with his final ball. Wakey went wicketless. Marshy picked up another 2 in 2. Goode Snr then ruined the skin for Risley as he picked up an impressive 4 wickets in 4 balls. Going for -17.

3rd skin = -7, Total = 43

The final skin started well for Risley as Money was hit for 12. However, Spanner went for 4, picking 1 wicket up. Nelly went for 2, also picking 1 up, And Louba used his slower ball to full effect, going for -1, picking a wicket up on his way.

4th skin = 17, Total = 60

A better total for the boys to chase compared to the last game against Risley. Skins werent important to win, just the final score as 8 points were needed.

Marshy and Wakey started off, and lost a wicket due to a run out off the first ball. However this was the only blip in the partnership, as 1s and 2s were picked up. Unfortunately the pair fell 2 runs short of the skin, but the main thing was we had a solid start.

1st skin = 34

Goode Jnr and Spanner teamed up once again, and even though the pair went a little gung ho, losing 5 wickets, they still managed to win the skin by 3 runs.

2nd skin = 17, Total = 51

1 run ahead at the half way point, the boys knew that as long as they didnt have a skin like their opponents 3rd skin, a win was definately on the cards.

Goode Snr and Louba set foot in the cage and Louba continued his fine form (of getting out) by being caught first ball. And even though 2 more wicket were lost, the pair looked comfortable, sending the boys into the lead and winning the skin

3rd skin = 14, Total = 65

5 ahead, Nelly and Monkey were given the task of defending the lead. The pair certainly made a game of it as they lost 3 wickets in the 1st over. Now needing 8 to take the lead again, the pair scored 7 off the next over. 1 run off the next over meant that the pair just had to not lose a wicket in the final over, which they played easily enough, scoring 7 off it.

4th skin = 3, Total = 68

a 10-4 victory secured 2nd place in the league, and 8 points ahead of Risley, who have a couple of games in hand. So the boys have a slim chance of winning the league, but 2nd place looks more likely.

Marshy was our MoM with a contribution of 23, followed by Goode Snr with 16